November 11, 2019

The life of a working mother in Yangon

Ma Ae first started work, (as a 20-year-old back in 2000), as a marketing employee for the Yellow Pages. She had just finished high school and needed to help her father support her two younger brothers. Two low-wage jobs later, she joined the hospitality industry, slogging away at a budget hotel while pursuing distance education. Then, in 2004, she moved to the Sedona Hotel, her first five-star establishment. She knew at once that this was what she wanted to do.
November 5, 2019

From “pagpag” to politics: Manila’s new mayor is one to watch

He was born in Manila’s Tondo, one of the poorest and most densely-populated neighbourhoods in the world. Much of his youth was spent scavenging for “pagpag”, literally, re-fried leftovers from the garbage. Now 45 years old, Francisco Moreno Domagoso, or, as he’s known to the Philippine public, “Isko Moreno” is the Mayor of Manila.
October 31, 2019

Behind Bollywood’s happy ever afters

Thirty-year-old Tanya Purohit looks like a leading lady: slim, beautiful and fair-skinned. But what makes her special is her intelligence, warmth and wry, comedienne-like wit. Having started out on a Delhi-based TV shopping channel as a promoter and then moving on to a Mumbai sports network, the Uttarakhand-born beauty is working her way ever deeper into Bollywood’s huge M&E (media and entertainment) industry.
October 31, 2019

Six days at sea: Travelling on Indonesia’s Pelni

The Nggapulu (named after a glacier-covered peak in Papua’s Jayawijaya range) is a German-built ship and part of the fleet of Indonesia’s national ferry company, PELNI. From the moment the passengers started boarding the towering, eight deck-high ferry – in a supremely chaotic rush of porters, luggage, crates and personal belongings – the Nggapulu became a microcosm of the republic itself.