October 30, 2018

Life in Yangon from the eyes of a young banker

Myo Zaw Khant is a 26-year-old banking assistant. Despite the chaos outside, he’s the epitome of cool professionalism: wearing a traditional cotton longyi and a white collarless shirt. He has a shy smile and a reserved, self-disciplined manner.
October 25, 2018

Boracay’s Back: Is sustainable tourism now the benchmark?

This Philippine paradise, which reopens 26 October, is showing the way ahead for sustainable tourism. Thailand’s Maya Bay, the setting of DiCaprio’s ‘The Beach’, and Indonesia’s Raja Ampat should take note.
October 2, 2018

BFM 89.9 and Liberalism: can its airwaves burst the Klang Valley bubble?

The news media isn’t just in secular decline, it’s in ICU. Malaysia is no exception to this global trend. While legacy media are slashing staff, a bubbly English-language talk-radio station based in Klang Valley just celebrated its 10th anniversary.