Anomali Coffee

For the all-rounder

“Whatever mood you’re in, Anomali has it covered. Hangout, have a meeting, study, go on a date, or simply enjoy the food and drink. Anomali is the kind of place you’ll want to share with your friends.”

Highlights include the Cappuccino coffee and an array of hearty brunch options. Be aware though, parking spaces here are highly contested!

Instagram: @anomalicoffee

Pao Pao Liquor Bar & Dimsum

For After Work Drinks

“The eclectic ambience of Pao Pao will carry you to the long-gone epoch where the air is sultry and heavy. A dazzling bar-cum-restaurant chimed with a mix of beat and lounge music.”

A unique, hole-in-the-wall vibe and delicious Dim Sum (only 18K on Mondays!) makes Pao Pao a great spot to unwind after work.

Instagram: @paopaojkt

Kopi Kalyan

For the Hipsters

“Industrialist-looking yet minimalist coffee shop. This place is easily mistaken for a modern art gallery or studio. Unique, spacious, and obviously worth going for your Instagram feeds.”

Hipsters heed the call! Less is more in Kopi Kalyan's case. You'd assume you're in an NYC loft were it not for the complimentary Pandan cakes and killer cold brews.

Instagram: @kopikalyan

Collete & Lola

For the Sweet Tooth

“Curate your Instagram with the sweet cakes and cute interior designs Collete & Lola have to offer. The Ismaya-owned patisserie definitely makes for a worthwhile visit!”

Instagram: @colettelola

Three Buns

For the Cravings

“Satisfy your cravings with a gourmet burger paired with a crafted cocktail at the Three Buns Burgers!”

A fun and friendly atmosphere with cocktails to match. You’re guaranteed to feel complete after a Baby Huey Burger or the MOFO Spicy Wings.

Instagram: @burgersandheads

The Atjeh Connection

For the Local Fix

“The Atjeh Connection offers their customers the very best of local Aceh culinary. Ceritalah can't get enough of the authentic Kopi Sanger, which is a mixture of roasted Gayo coffee with condensed milk. Satisfaction guaranteed!”

Instagram: @atjehconnection

Sofia at the Gunawarman

For the Classy Diners

“European-style restaurant with a grand interior amidst tropical Jakarta. A gleaming connoisseur restaurant that serves top-notch Italian, French, and Asian cuisines.”

Instagram: @thegunawarman