Ceritalah Communities: Promo

Ceritalah Communities takes on six states and seven locations. We talk to ordinary Malaysians to get their take on BR1M, cost of living, their local infrastructure and more!

Ceritalah Communities: BR1M

The 2018 budget allocated RM6.8 million to the 1 Malaysia People’s Aid Scheme, otherwise known as BR1M.The scheme will be helping 7 million eligible Malaysians. The handouts of RM450 to RM1200 isn’t much but it does make an impact for some.

We spoke to ordinary Malaysians in the run up to #GE14 about what they think about BR1M and whether or not it makes a difference to their lives.

Ceritalah Communities: Cost of Living

In 2017, Malaysia’s economy grew by 5.9 percent and real wage growth is expecting to rise by 3.2 percent this year. However, do these numbers reflect the situation for people on the ground?

Ceritalah Communities: Local Heroes

In this episode, we focus on the unsung heroes of Malaysia whom are positively shaping the cultural landscape of the country. Find out how these local heroes have made an impact.

Ceritalah Communities: Local Infrastructure

We explored how local, ground level issues affect the way in which Malaysians live. In this episode ordinary Malaysians explain how poor local infrastructure, such as public transport or road maintenance, disrupts everyday life.

Ceritalah Communities: Hopes & Dreams

We asked ordinary Malaysians what their hopes and dreams for Malaysia are. Has an 'optimism deficit' left people unwilling to demand change or is there still a desire to fight for a more united Malaysia?