Thaipusam: Through the eyes of a devotee

This year, Team Ceritalah explored the celebration of Thaipusam through the eyes of Agilan, a Lord Murugan devotee. We followed Agilan as he carried a 'kavadi' up the steps of Batu Caves, and learnt more about how ordinary people like himself can perform rites that are nearly superhuman in nature.


Ceritalah Communities: Promo

Ceritalah Communities takes on six states and seven locations. We talk to ordinary Malaysians to get their take on BR1M, cost of living, their local infrastructure and more!

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Episode 1: The Rise of the Southeast Asian Art Museum

Bellas Artes in Manila. Ilham in Kuala Lumpur. MACAN in Jakarta. These art spaces and more have popped up all over Southeast Asia over the past 5 years. What’s behind this boom? What does it mean for Southeast Asia’s cultural scene? How did we get here and will this continue? Join Ceritalah Voices and Simon Soon of the Malaysia Design Archive as we explore the cultural forces in play in the rise of the museum.

Episode 2: The Cultural Linkages Between India and Indonesia

This week on Ceritalah podcast, we speak to Abhay Regi, a journalist and Ceritalah's very own coordinator from Tamil Nadu, India. He traveled to various cities in Indonesia to observe its political, social, and cultural landscape. With both India and Indonesia facing elections soon, Abhay shares his observation and draws a comparison between the two countries.