KAUM Jakarta

For lunch dates

KAUM Jakarta is nothing but exquisite – both in taste and ambience. You will be guaranteed a luxurious dining experience with upscale Indonesian traditional cuisines and unique ethnic touches. Perfect for spending time with your loved one.

Instagram: @kaumrestaurant

Giyanti Coffee and Roastery

For a daily shot of caffeine

As one of the highest-rated coffee shops in Jakarta, Giyanti Coffee and Roastery lives up to its reputation. It is everything you could ask for in a coffee shop. Its great coffee, friendly ambience, and instagram-worthy spots will turn you into a regular.

Instagram: @giyanticoffee

Paradigma Kafe and Restaurant

For a breezy weekend

Located in the busy Cikini, Paradigma Kafe and Restaurant is like a breath of fresh air. Their open-sky area with colorful bean bags and green grass define weekend chill. Ideal to escape the monday-friday hustle bustle.

Instagram: @paradigmacikini

Claypot Popo

For some comfort food

Claypot Popo took inspiration of the owner’s own grandmother’s (popo in Chinese) cooking, with the hope that the love and warmth of his popos' food will be relayed to the customers. Each bite of their best-selling Claypot Siram Telur Matang and Claypot Misua Tahu Telur Asin will remind you of home.

The “close to heart” sentiments are well-portrayed through their vintage interior, framed memories of the owner’s childhood and their simple but warm and filling food.

Instagram: @claypotpopo

Gado-gado Bon Bin

For a good ol’classic

If legendary food stalls excite you, then this one is for you. Gado-Gado Bon Bin has been managed by two generations since its founding in 1960. Their shop is small but packed with customers that crave their fresh vegetables and smooth peanut sauce. Other than their famous Gado-Gado, you will also find traditional snacks being sold in the shop.

Jalan Sabang

For satisfying late-night cravings

Jalan Sabang will treat you to a street food galore – with food originating from all over Indonesia. From Pempek Palembang to Nasi Gandul, there is nothing you can’t find in Sabang. If you fancy a night stroll for hidden gems, Jalan Sabang will be your favourite.