December 2, 2018

Six years since Typhoon Haiyan, why are thousands of Filipinos still waiting for help?

For 30-year-old Richelle Alvaraz, a mother of six and a resident of the Visayan city of Tacloban – the most severely affected location in the republic – the typhoon (dubbed Yolanda in the Philippines) with its 380km/h winds and unprecedented storm surges will never be forgotten. Literally: because despite countless government promises over the past five years, Alvaraz is still waiting – along with thousands of others – to be relocated to permanent housing.
November 23, 2018

What Malaysia’s MRT has to learn from Indonesia’s BRT

KL’s MRT line is sleek, plush, and expensive. The TransJakarta BRT may be far from these superlatives, but it offers cheap and effective transport to a population of 32 million. Malaysia could learn from Indonesia.
November 9, 2018

Thailand’s south: A Malay teacher speaks her mind

Language, religion and culture are incendiary issues in Thailand’s Muslim South. But for this Malay teacher, language transcends belief.
October 30, 2018

Life in Yangon from the eyes of a young banker

Myo Zaw Khant is a 26-year-old banking assistant. Despite the chaos outside, he’s the epitome of cool professionalism: wearing a traditional cotton longyi and a white collarless shirt. He has a shy smile and a reserved, self-disciplined manner.